CAS 139755-83-2 Sildenafil Citrate Powder Sex Enhancing Drugs For Erectile Dysfunction

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Supply Ability: 100kg/week
Product Name: Viagra MW: 474.58
MF: C22H30N6O4S Purity: Above 99%
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CAS 139755-83-2 sildenafil citrate powder


Erectile Dysfunction sildenafil citrate powder


sildenafil citrate Sex Enhancing Drugs

1.Application and results of Sildenafil

Sildenafil, a drug for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction, was accidentally invented in the process of drug development for cardiovascular diseases. Its commercial name is Viagra. It has no stimulating effect on the brain. Therefore, sildenafil has no effect on mental problems, hypothalamic hormone secretion disorders and sexual dysfunction caused by other brain factors.


Sildenafil has anti platelet aggregation and antithrombotic effects. In case of emergency (such as stroke), sildenafil can be used temporarily if there are no special antithrombotic drugs on hand. It can interfere with chemicals such as dopamine to delay ejaculation. It significantly improves erection and has high erection hardness. It can effectively improve morning blooming, improve patients' self-confidence and regain a naturally satisfactory sexual life. It significantly improves erection and has high erection hardness. It can effectively improve morning blooming, improve patients' self-confidence and regain a naturally satisfactory sexual life.


2.How can we choose between sildenafil and tildenafil? Any difference?

First, sildenafil and tildenafil are drugs for erectile dysfunction in men. The effect is the same, but the difference is that the effect of sildenafil is stronger. Many people will feel the heart beat faster after taking sildenafil (Viagra), and a small number of people will feel abdominal fever and other reactions. And he's not going to feel that way, tildenafil is more peaceful. The side effects of sildenafil are also greater. Some people have headache symptoms. The dosage of sildenafil was higher than that of tildenafil. The dosage of sildenafil was between 50-80 mg and tildenafil was between 10-30 mg. The taste of sildenafil powder is very bitter. Tildenafil powder has no taste. Neither product is soluble in water.

OK, finally, let's summarize their differences.

Sildenafil is given in large doses. Tildenafil in a small dose
Sildenafil has a lot of side effects Tildenafil has little side effect
Sildenafil feels strong Tildenafil feels peaceful
Sildenafil tastes bitter Tildenafil is tasteless
Sildenafil 8 hours Tildenafil valid 24 hours

What they have in common: they are insoluble in water

How can we choose? Choose their own products according to their characteristics.

3.Is your purchase of sildenafil true?

Do you have confidence in the quality of sildenafil products you purchased?

How can I judge whether the sildenafil I bought is qualified?

Our company answers these questions for you. First of all, we focus on the physical properties. Sildenafil is a kind of liquid insoluble in water and alcohol. At the same time, it is a very bitter white crystalline powder. When you sell sildenafil, you can use this information to make basic judgments.

First, use toothpick to dip a little bit into the purchased sildenafil powder, and taste it with your tongue. The real sildenafil powder is bitter, and if it is bitter, the taste is consistent.

Toothpick may not touch, you can wet it with water a little, then you can touch it. After tasting it, rinse it with water and spit it out.

Can I use a spoon?

We don't recommend using spoons. Spoons may contain too much. You will be very bitter when you taste them. So it's not recommended to taste it with a spoon.

Second, use a big spoon to take out the sildenafil powder (you must use a big spoon here to fill more and fill it up a little), and put it in the sun (the best time is when the sun is the biggest at noon) to observe the powder. Because of the characteristics of crystalline powder, it will have a slight reflection effect, if any, it is right.

Third, take two cups, one for water and one for wine. Take out a little sildenafil powder respectively, put it into the cup and mix it evenly. If sildenafil powder is suspended in two cups, that's right. Remember: if it's wrong to dissolve, it's right not to dissolve.

Above, we will tell you the basic preliminary judgment method. Have you learned?

Then we are talking about the professional way to judge sildenafil powder.

If your company has a laboratory that can do chemical analysis, that's best. You can first make a HNMR map to see whether the structure of the substance is consistent, and then make an HPLC to see the purity.

There must be no mistake in doing so. You can know whether it is sildenafil or not and how pure it is. Of course, if you ask us to buy it, we will provide these atlas to you, because every time we produce it, we will carry out professional testing.

If your company does not have its own laboratory, you can find a third-party organization, such as university, laboratory. They have these devices. They need to spend some money to test them for you.

If you buy more than 100 kg per month, we suggest you to test it.

If you purchase less quantity, you only need to find our professional manufacturer, we will provide it to you to ensure the quality.

The patent rights of sildenafil have expired, and many countries have begun to develop their own brands of male promoted health products and drugs. Here are some suggestions.

1. Obtain business license in your country. Such as drug development license. Drugs and health care products are serious things in every country and must be legal and compliant.

2. To have a professional pharmacist, the development of finished drugs is a scientific problem, and the regulation of drug excipients and dosage is carried out in a rigorous state. Only professional pharmacists can control it.

When some companies are looking for our cooperation, some purchasing personnel will ask a question:

4.What is the effect of sildenafil powder?

Generally speaking, companies that help local drug manufacturers purchase drugs are asked this question, but they do not participate in the research and development of drugs, so they may not know a lot about some things. Let's give you a general introduction.

Efficacy problem refers to the effect of the finished tablet on the patient. The finished tablet refers to Pfizer's Viagra (blue pill). When you buy Viagra, you can ask the doctor how the effect is, so there is no problem.

But sildenafil powder is the raw material for the production of Viagra tablets, which is not equal to Viagra.

To judge the quality of API powder can not ask how the effect is, and API powder can not be taken directly on human body. So to judge whether the quality of our sildenafil powder is good or not, I said before the article, looking at the purity is not high. The higher the purity of API is, one of the guarantees for the quality of finished drugs produced by the pharmaceutical and health products company.

To give you a popular example, you know that houses are usually made of reinforced concrete bricks. This house is like Viagra (blue pill), and sildenafil powder is like reinforced concrete brick. When you purchase reinforced concrete bricks, you should not ask about the comfort of living, but about the quality. Only when you buy a house will you pay attention to the comfort of the house. You can't buy a house if you buy reinforced concrete bricks.

So to summarize

When purchasing sildenafil powder, we should be concerned about whether we have carried out the purity test of API powder. The purity is not high and the quality is not good. Instead of asking about the effect, there is no way to answer this question.

Can we add sildenafil to our company's liquid oral preparations?

This is also one of the questions that we often encounter from customers. Here is the answer for you. This problem needs to be resolved.

Home page, if your national law allows the addition of sildenafil to oral health products, if the national law does not allow it, do not do it, involving illegal acts.

Then, if the law allows, our advice to you is not to add, because sildenafil is insoluble in water and alcohol, because it is insoluble, it will affect the quality of oral liquid. Do not use sildenafil if you want to produce oral liquid.

Finally, why do businesses sell soluble sildenafil online? I tell you that it must be a liar. Don't believe that sildenafil can dissolve. There is no quality guarantee for those products.

5.Besides quality, what else should we pay attention to when buying sildenafil?

Answer: be sure to pay attention to the moisture content of sildenafil, which will be ignored by professional customers.

In the production process of sildenafil, one step is dehydration, which has nothing to do with product purity and quality. But it's very important for those who buy our products. Of course, only the manufacturers like us in sildenafil know the reason.

Why is the moisture content of sildenafil important?

This is related to whether the sildenafil powder will agglomerate. The new sildenafil is all in powder form. There is no difference.

But we did an experiment ourselves.

The moisture content is 1.8% - 2.0%. After normal storage for 3 months, sildenafil at the bottom of 25 kg barrels began to agglomerate.

The moisture content is 1.6% - 1.8%. After normal storage for 6 months, sildenafil began to agglomerate at the bottom of 25 kg barrels.

The moisture content is 1.4% - 1.6%. After normal storage for 12 months, sildenafil at the bottom of 25 kg barrels began to agglomerate.

The moisture content is 1.3% - 1.4%. It is normally placed for about 1-2 years, and there is basically no caking phenomenon.

The moisture content is less than 1.3% (including 1.3%), which can be stored for a long time.

Why does sildenafil agglomerate?

The water content is high. When it is just produced, there is no difference. However, when it is put into the barrel, the bottom will be squeezed. The water will become crystal water and settle to the bottom, and then sildenafil will be caking.

Only under 1.3% of water content can this phenomenon be eliminated. Therefore, the moisture content of each batch of our goods will be strictly controlled below 1.3%. Many customers don't know the details.

Does sildenafil caking affect quality?

Answer: No. Because the state of sildenafil is very stable, the caking is only formed after the water is high and compressed. In fact, the treatment is also very convenient. If the company has the conditions to dry it in the oven, the water will evaporate. But for many traders, there is no way, because there is no drying equipment.


6.Sildenafil in stock and Available for sale

Do you have enough sildenafil in stock? Can we deliver the goods as soon as possible?

Certainly. Sildenafil is very abundant. Although there is a large market demand, in order to ensure sufficient supply, we will stock for two months in advance.

So you don't have to worry about our inventory

Be sure to communicate with our customer service personnel before ordering.

It can produce 5 tons of sildenafil every month, which is normally in stock.

7.We are the best Sildenafil and the best manufacturer

The sildenafil we sell is the best on the market, and we are also the best manufacturer of sildenafil!

Because the purity of sildenafil produced by our company is 99.5%, no adulteration, and the quality is very stable. The appearance is white, the powder is fine, and the moisture content is very low.

Our reputation comes from customers, and sildenafil's product satisfaction is very high.

Every batch of sildenafil products must be tested by HPLC, so our products must be the best.

We are regarded as the best manufacturer not only because of the good products, but also because of the good service.

We can help our customers deliver the goods as soon as possible. We solve customers' problems in the first time. We use the best logistics to provide the best service.



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