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CAS Number: 855-19-6 Appearance: White Powder
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Cutting Cycle Steroids Clostebol 4-chlorotestosterone CAS: 855-19-6 for Muscle Gaining


Clostebol acetate is a testosterone derivative with an added chloro group at the 4-position. Megagrisevit-Mono is considered a mild anabolic compound with minimal androgenic potency. clostebol acetate appears to be approximately as effective as Primobolan (methenolone) per milligram or moderately more so. The primary reasons for not using clostebol acetate are its excessive cost and low concentration per mL, requiring large injection volume. Clostebol may have antiaromatase activity.


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Clostebol acetate
Alias: Megagrisevit; Steranabol
CAS No: 855-19-6
Einecs No: 212-720-4
MF: C21H29ClO3
MW: 364.91
Purity: 98%
Appearance: nearly white crystalloid powder.
Usage:1. Clostebol acetate is an anabolic steroid. This is a controlled substance.
2. Clostebol Acetate is synthetic androgen and have a obvious gray assimilation effection, but weak in androphay effection,4Chlorotestosterone acetate can improve synthetizing the portein improve appetite improve energy so Clostebol Acetate is mainly used in malnutrition.




Product Name 4-Chlorotestosterone Acetate
Appearance Nearly white crystalloid powder White crystalloid powder
Melting Point 221.0~230.0ºC 224.0-230ºC
Loss on drying 0.5%max 0.34%
Specific Rotation +114°~+122° +118°
Assay 98.00%min 99.50%
Conclusion The specifications conform with enterprize standa




Clostebol acetate was first described in 1956.527 It wasdeveloped into a medicine in Europe, where it was sold asSteranabol (Farmitalia, Germany) and Turinabol (Jenapharm,GDR). This anabolic steroid had generally been indicated for the treatment of osteoporosis, although it has reportedly been used with success for a wide variety of ailments including anorexia and liver disease. Both oral and injectable forms of the drug were produced, although the injectable was more popularly used. Clostebol acetate was commonly used with women and the elderly in European medicine, making clear the relative mildness of this anabolic. The side effects of anabolic/androgenic steroids can be much more pronounced in these populations, so typically very weak androgens are shown to be the most tolerable here. Although quite favorable in effect and patient comfort, clostebol acetate was never a widely successful anabolic, and saw only limited use in a small number of markets. As such, its future would be a tenuous one. The Turinabol product from Jenapharm would disappear by the reunification of Germany, and the Steranabol brand would soon be replaced with lower dosed vitamin fortified versions of the drug sold by Farmitalia under the new Megagrisevit brand name. Pharmacia would acquire Farmitalia in 1993, although for a short point thereafter Megagrisevit was still being manufactured under the Pharmacia label. This did not last long, however, and Pharmacia eventually tightened up its line and removed this steroid from its offerings. Clostebol acetate had also appeared for some time in Japan, sold as Macrobin by the firm Teikoku, but this product too has since been discontinued.



Clostebol Acetate is synthetic androgen and have a obvious gray assimilation effection,but weak in androphay effection,4-Chlorotestosterone acetate can improve synthetizing the portein ,improve appetite,improve energy. so Clostebol Acetate is mainly used in malnutrition .Clostebol acetate usually as the ester clostebol acetate or clostebol enanthate, is a synthetic anabolic androgenic steroid. Clostebol is the 4-chloro derivative of the natural hormone testosterone. Clostebol acetate usually as the ester clostebol acetate or clostebol enanthate, is a synthetic anabolic androgenic steroid. Clostebol is the 4-chloro derivative of the natural hormone testosterone.




Due to the drug not being a 17 alpha alkylated steroid, even in its oral form, clostebol acetate can be run for lengthy cycles with no significant burden being put upon the liver of the user. This combined with the mild nature of the drug and the limited potential for serious side effects to develop with use of clostebol acetate makes it a relatively safe compound for most users to administer. Cycles lasting several months are not uncommon and should not be detrimental to the general health of the individual if the regular precautions are taken, realizing that there is always a potential for complications to arise with any anabolic/androgenic steroid, even when said steroids are considered to be mild in nature.

In terms of the frequency needed for dosing, the oral version of the drug needs to be administered roughly twice per day to maintain some of the compound being active in the body of the user. The active life is approximately eight to twelve hours so twice daily doses should be sufficient. As for the injectable version of clostebol acetate, injections every day or every other day are needed to maintain fairly consistent levels of the compound is the system of the user.




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